Studies Show That Testofen Improves Sexual Health & Increases Muscle Mass

A 2009 Australian study where 60 adult men used testofen for six weeks resulted to increase in sexual function, increased muscle mass, and increased energy level in the study participants. There was also increased quality of life.

In another human study, subjects of the study experienced significant anabolic activity and increased free testosterone because of using testofen. The subjects of the study also said that their sexual function, performance, and satisfaction increased during the period when they used testofen and afterward.

A 2010 animal study involving rats indicated that the rats had increased muscle mass and decreased body fat because of testofen administration for a number of weeks.

Study after study is indicating the anabolic enhancing and testosterone increasing powers of testofen. From the various studies, it is clear that testofen is highly effective in combating male menopause. The symptoms of male menopause greatly reduced in the participants of the various studies.

Male Menopause Is a Real Problem for Men

The cause of this condition is aging. With aging, testosterone level drops. Male menopause is associated with low sex drive, increased body fat, lack of energy and loss of muscle mass.

• Luckily, a particular wonder plant can reverse all these. This is the Fenugreek plant. This plant has 100 phytochemical substances that have real health benefits.

• To get all the sexual and anabolic benefits of the fenugreek plant with zero side effects, you need testofen. This proprietary formulation has 100% fenugreek plant extracts and other additional elements that support healthy sexual function and performance in men.

Testofen Increases Testosterone Level

Testosterone levels start dropping once a man hits 30 years. The testosterone issue is becoming a real problem for men. Men as young as 20 years are having testosterone issues that end up causing low sexual drive and the inability to build muscles.

Aging is not the only cause of low testosterone. Poor diet, environmental pollution and toxins found in the air are also to blame.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone. In men, testes produce testosterone. In women, ovaries produce it. Women have very negligible levels of testosterone. The primary woman hormone is estrogen.

• To build muscles, you need testosterone. That is why most men are muscular and women are not.

• Testofen will increase your testosterone level whether your low testosterone level is because of aging (male menopause) or other factors such as environmental pollution.

• Testofen will support healthy levels of free testosterone. Most of the testosterone in the body is bound to sex hormones binding globulin (SHBG), which are proteins. Testofen will free more testosterone from these proteins. This means that more testosterone will be available in your body to carry out activities such as increasing muscle mass, burning fat and boosting your sexual libido.

Testofen Makes You Anabolic

Testofen will greatly boost your anabolism. This is according to a number of human and animal studies. Increased anabolism results to faster muscle creation. When you are anabolic, your muscle mass will increase and you will become stronger.

Testofen Makes You Sexual Potent

Sexual potency might seem like a youthful thing. By the time a man reaches 40, there is likely to be sexual issues because of diminishing testosterone.

• Studies involving adult men indicated that testofen facilitated an increase in sexual functioning, performance, and potency.

Testofen Makes You Lose Weight

One of the consequences of low testosterone is increased body fat. This is largely because of lowered metabolism and low energy level. Once your energy level is low, you will not be motivated to exercise.

• Some human studies of testofen indicated significant decrease of body fat in the study participants.

Supplement Your Diet with Testofen

Modern diets are poor. They also have toxins. That is why the modern man has low testosterone levels than past men. If you want to conquer low testosterone, you need to supplement your diet with a wide range of supplements one of which should be testofen.

Supplementation is not enough. Low testosterone levels have definitely left you with increased body weight and low muscle mass. To conquer these, supplements and a good diet alone will not help you. There is also need to engage in strength training. Testofen+ other supplements + exercises + dieting, will increase your strength, facilitate ultimate body fitness and increase your sexual performance.

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